10 emerging cleaning influencers to look out for!

With a passion to keep homes in tip-top condition, social influencers and bloggers with a love of cleaning are taking the online world by storm! On hand to keep us in tune with the best cleaning tips and household tricks, they’re appearing in newsfeeds everywhere alongside some of the most popular fitness and beauty influencers. 

We’re big fans of this dedicated growing cleaning community! That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of 10 emerging cleaning influencers to look out for! From the UK all the way to Australia, let’s get started… 

Sophie Hinchcliffe @mrshinchhome

Perhaps the most influential of the current crop of cleaning influencers out there, Mrs Hinch has built a #HinchArmy of over 2.5 million followers (aka Hinchers) since her Instagram page shot to fame in 2018! The Essex-based cleaning goddess has also released a book to spread her message that a happy home can help to create a happy mind.

Paul @Paul_mencancleantoo

Some might consider this to be a rare find – a man with a huge passion for cleaning!

Paul is a blogger and Instagrammer with a refreshing love for even the most boring chores. Describing himself as a cleaning addict, Paul has a natural knack for finding alternative ways to clean and make life easier. His helpful tips include cleaning a little most days to keep on top of the cleaning. He also recommends spreading the cleaning schedule over the week so it’s not too overwhelming.


Iryna Federico @fromgreatbeginnings

With a full-on, full-time career in the aerospace engineering industry, Adelaide’s Iryna recommends starting small and building up to bigger, more daunting tasks. She loves to blog about wedding DIY ideas and home organisation, and recommends donating unwanted items to help you de-clutter, de-stress and increase productivity!

Gemma Bray @the_organised_mum

Creator of TOMM (The Organised Mum Method), Gemma’s mantra is that there is more to life than cleaning, helping you to make more time for fun! She swears by a simple and efficient cleaning routine that she developed when her eldest son was born, and the busy Mum of three has even created some helpful cleaning tick-lists for her followers.

Abi's Cleaning Space @abiscleaningspace

With a strong focus on promoting mental health and wellbeing, Abi is fast becoming a positive cleanfluence on her followers. With an Instagram page packed with household cleaning tips and hacks, including money-saving alternatives, Abi could be just the inspiration you need to keep on top of everything! 

Lynsey Queen of Clean @lynsey_queenofclean

One of our favourites, Lynsey Queen of Clean is a busy mum of three, TV cleaning expert and best selling author. She often shares regular cleaning tips with over 143,000 followers and has been featured on Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. Her blog, Instagram page and best-selling book ‘How To Clean Your House’ is packed with easy tips and tricks for a clean, calm and happy home!

Karen & Yvonne @mumswhoclean

With four kids between them, Karen and Yvonne are a dynamic cleaning duo who have teamed up to give busy mums their top cleaning hacks, product tips, organising ideas and cleaning routines! Their Instagram page has plenty of insight into life with little ones and advice on keeping on top of the daily clean!

Budget Mum @budget_mum_blog

With a goal to live a less wasteful life, Budget Mum is the brainchild of Madonna. Her goal is to prove to followers that living on a budget can be fun! She’s a believer that a budget should liberate you and not restrict you - so expect plenty of insightful tips and tricks to help you get the best out of life within a budget! Budget Mum was born after she spotted a lack of blogs in Australia to get inspired by - she’s no doubt filled this gap!

That Organised Mum @thatorganisedmum 

With 20k followers Em is a happy homemaker in Melbourne who loves all things cooking, organising, cleaning and most importantly, home life. Her Instagram feed is filled with batch cooking ideas for easy time-saving school and work lunches, all the way through to to-do lists and post-housework and interiors shots to be inspired by!

Is your favourite cleanfluencer missing from our list? We’d be happy to hear about who else you’ll be keeping tabs on to help inspire you to domestic glory! Or if you have any fab cleaning tips to share, drop us a line on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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