13 Cleaning Hacks To Free Up Your Summer!

Now the summer season is finally upon us, we’re in the mood for relaxing and spending time with friends and family. Therefore, with the help of your top Facebook #CleaningHacks, we have assembled a list of our 13 favourite time-saving tips to help free up more of your precious time.

Why not check out your most inspiring cleaning tips below…

1. Quickly scrub away stubborn limescale marks

Use half a lemon dipped in table salt, this cleaning tip really works on those hard to get glass shower enclosures. Cheers to Michelle Johnson for the inspiration.

2. Create a cleaning bucket

An old fashioned idea but a frequently forgotten time-saver - simply assemble all related cleaning products together into a bucket to be able to carry from room to room. Just don’t forget to include your most-loved Dishfriend to your bucket. Thank you to Claire Knott for reminding us of this simple idea. 

3. De-clutter before you start

Save time having to clean around items, move them, then put them back. Why not just move them all in one go, then clean the area unobstructed? Awesome idea Emma Fergie.

4. Scrub whilst you shower

Using one of your Dishfriends, fill the handle with bathroom cleaner and then scrub the tiles whilst you shower. Just remember to keep out of the reach of children and always use a Dishmatic non scratch refill for this task! Handy tip by Dawn Adams. 

5. Offer an incentive to your children 

Educate your children to the fine art of cleaning the house. Getting the kids to chip in with their share can leave more time for play after you’ve finished. What a great incentive! Or if you’re planning on cleaning your technological items - why not re-set the wifi password as a prize for the winner to unlock? One of our fav tips by Faye A Smith and Melaine Lemknip Chambers. 

6. Keep your washing machine smelling fresh

Try every month using 1/2 cup of vinegar to keep it smelling fresh and prevent having to de-scale clean the calcium later. Cheers for the idea Janet Ashenden!

7. Keeping concrete food at bay

Remember to rinse your porridge bowl after use, to prevent it sticking like concrete. For hard to shift food stains don’t forget about our Brush Dishmatic or Extra Heavy Duty refills. Top cleaning hack idea Jane Brown.

8. Banish Microwave grime using lemon juice

Boil lemon juice and water in the microwave for 4 minutes. No worries if the solution splatters everywhere, once you come to clean away the grime it will just slip away, leaving a lovely sweet smell. Cheers for the inspiration Sadue Jones and Debz Clarke. 

9. An easy way to eradicate burn stains 

Put some washing powder in the saucepan and fill with water. Keeping the saucepan on the stove, let the water solution boil, then drain the water away. The burn should simply wipe clean off with the help of one of our Dishfriends. Fantastic tip Dawn Facey.

10. Work your way inwards when cleaning your bath

Bleach around the sides of the bath, leave it for a while, then spray inwards to clean it all off. Such a brilliantly simple idea by Jenny Cooper.

11. Save cleaning grill pans and ovens with this simple idea

Simply line the bottom of your grill pans and ovens with tin foil. This saves loads of time in cooking, as the heat is kept in to cook the underside of your food. Perhaps more importantly, it saves cleaning after as you can now just remove and  recycle the foil.  Of course, make sure the tin foil is cool before removing! Wise know-how from Amanda Gregory. 

12. Save your fridge shelves

Wrap each glass shelf in your fridge with cling film. The if any bottle leaks or food spills you can simply peel off the film and throw away. No need to scrub the shelf clean. Awesome idea Fiona Karbal!

13. A little day keeps the weekend blues away

Lastly but no means least is our top #CleaningHack - don’t put off cleaning! A little a day will keep you from having to clean everything later - keeping your weekends free to enjoy the gorgeous summer’s weather. 

We’d love to hear from you too, so if you’ve been inspired by one of the #CleaningHacks or have your own time-saving tip, drop us a line. Get in touch at Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.