5 incredibly easy ways to fall in love with your home again!

Use this Valentine’s Day to show your home you care

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this week, remember it doesn’t have to be all about the love we share for our partner, our family, our friends or even our dog. 

This Valentine’s how about falling in love with your home again? Featuring top tips from two of the best in the business - Japan’s Marie Kondo, and the UK’s very own cleaning guru, Mrs Hinch - we hope you find their ideas inspiring.

With over 2.3 million Instagram followers, Marie Kondo is an organising consultant and author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  This organising phenomenon led Marie to become listed as one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 most influential people’ in 2015.

Create a home to live your best life possible

Marie says it’s not all about tackling room by room, but rather it’s thinking about how you want to live in your home.  By describing your ideal lifestyle, you will start to visualise how your home needs to be to live that lifestyle. And that prompts change.

Tackle categories, not rooms

This one makes so much sense.  Tackling clutter room by room seems like an obvious way to get things organised. But Marie first rule is to tidy by category. So, whether you start with your clothes, and move on to paperwork, books, and then nostalgic memories and photographs, do one at a time without deviation. Next time you’ve got a spare afternoon, why not embrace this philosophy and see how you get on.

Dealing with the room we all close the door on

Most of us would put our hand up to having a room that’s home to all those things we don’t quite know where to put.  If this sounds like you, Marie’s answer is to embrace her KonMarie Method™. 

She says: “Separate makeup, electronic appliances, household supplies, spare change, and so on. Once you have identified all your subcategories, you can store them.  Use small boxes, bins or trays to house each subcategory – and organise them vertically!”  Marie adds: “That way, they are accessible, and you can easily see the quantities you have.”

With over 1.7million Instagram followers, Essex-based Mrs Hinch knows more than a thing or two about cleaning hacks.  

Squeegee clean carpets 

We love the simplicity of this hack, which is all about how to get your carpet super clean, picking up all the dirt we didn’t even know was there.

Armed with a squeegee, she suggests combing over the carpet as it will lift embedded hairs and dust that just gets matted down by a vacuum cleaner. She also suggests a squeegee is perfect for getting in those stubborn corners where dust and hairs loves to hide.

Bin Fresh

Here, Mrs Hinch champions the use of our very own Dishmatic in her hack on how to keep your bin clean and smelling pine fresh.  

She suggests spraying the insides with a pine disinfectant before pouring a capful of disinfectant into the bottom of the bin. Hose down and then use our very own Dishmaticsponge full of washing up liquid to wipe down the inside and outside.  Then simply hose out again and leave out to dry.

So, whether embracing Marie’s philosophy on the art of tidying-up, or keen to try out one of Mrs Hinch’s practical hacks, let us know how you get on? Or, if you have any other ideas please do feel free to share. We love hearing from you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!