5 Things You Should Clean Every Day

We all dream to have a home that’s sparkling clean all of the time, although sometimes, life can get in the way. Juggling a busy schedule with a clean house can be a challenge. Here at Dishmatic, we’ve come up with five little chores that you can do every day to help you feel more organised and diminish that daily clutter! 

1. Make the bed

Every morning, set yourself up for the day by making your bed… (Or, wait until after that crucial first cup of coffee!) This will instantly make your bedroom look tidy and it only takes a few seconds. Not just this, you’ll feel so much more organised.


2. Clean and wipe counters

Whether it’s the kitchen counter or bathroom sink, make a rule to always wipe down any counters you use. It may sound simple but believe us, this is super-effective! By giving them a wipe over, the space will be left fresh and clean. At the same time, it will encourage you to put things back where they belong… like the toothpaste! 


3. Dishes! 

To avoid those dreaded dishes piling up, we recommend that you wash a little every day! This helps to reduce the buildup and leaves your kitchen spic and span. After you've washed up, wipe down the taps and basin afterwards for the ultimate spotless sink.


4. Clean the kitchen floor

This doesn't necessarily mean to mop the floor every day, however, a quick sweep to capture any crumbs that may have fallen will keep your kitchen feeling ultra tidy! 


5. Laundry

If you have a busy household, you may find that your laundry builds up rapidly! Set a goal to put on a load of washing as soon as you have enough items to fill up your washing machine. For some families, this may be a daily task. When clothes and sheets are dry, get into a habit of folding and putting them away as soon as possible. This will prevent your laundry from piling up mountain high!


So, there you have it! Our five things we recommend you tidy every day to have a clean and de-cluttered home! Please note, that these are just the tips that help us. You might find a different routine works better for your lifestyle! If so, we would love to hear all your ideas too! Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.