7 Chores that the kids actually find fun!

Here at Dishmatic, we aim to make the impossible, possible! That’s why this month, we are handing you a list of chores that the kids actually find fun! 

Life as a busy parent often includes that never-ending list of things to do - and this is why the assistance of a little helper can really help to juggle the load. Below are the secrets that turn mundane tasks into thrilling, courageous quests! Without further a due, let’s get started…

1. The House Hunt! 

Task the children with the job of finding all loose items in the house and putting them back where they belong. Each time they place an object back they unlock a star for themselves. Once they collect five stars they get an award or a special treat, e.g they get to have their favourite dinner!

2. The Rapid-Fire Wash! 

How many plates can they wash up in one minute? Set your child the washing up challenge and time them to see if they are able to beat their previous time! Why not even dress up and pretend to be an inspector to add to the excitement? Also, using one of our Dishfriends can help to make the task more pleasant!

3. Music Party

Music will always lift your spirits and can be a great way to help encourage the kids to clean their rooms! Blast the music and have a dance whilst you clean! 

4. The Cleanlympics 

For all those budding sports fanatics, cleaning can be a cool way to practice their ball skills! They can simply roll up and throw all their dirty laundry in the basket from a distance! 

5. The Great Treasure Hunt

Try putting some old socks on the kids’ hands and set them on a treasure hunt for little nic-naks hidden around the home, this could be anything you choose. However, the one rule is that they must dust furniture whilst they are hunting!

6. Jenga Time

A fun one you could try is Jenga! All you have to do is write down different chores on each of the wooden blocks. The person who makes the tower crumble will have to complete the chore on the block they have pulled out.

7. The Laundry Sprint

Mark out a start line and get your children ready to race! Simply blow your whistle and shout out a colour… The kids will then run off and retrieve all the dirty laundry in that matching colour. The first one back is the winner. 


If you try any of these games then let us know how you get on? Or, if you have any other ideas please do feel free to share. We love hearing from you on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!