7 Kitchen trends taking 2018 by storm

Long gone are the days of the avocado-coloured kitchens, when deep fat fryers sat on the worktop and prawn cocktails chilled in the fridge. While this absence may be lauded by interior designers everywhere, it isn’t to say some strange kitchen looks haven’t filled the space. Here we delve into the kitchen trends everyone is raving about in 2018, some good, some bad and some plain ugly.

Unicorn wallpaper, anyone?

Yes, you read that correctly. Unicorns are in and they’re not showing any sign of leaving. They’ve now decided to invade our kitchens as well as our children’s bedrooms. How do I incorporate a unicorn design into my kitchen you may ask? You can utilise everything from unicorn-patterned kitchen tools and appliances to more ‘subtle’ pale pink, blue, and white colour palettes. Don’t forget the rainbows and glitter.

Matchy matchy

If you enter your kitchen and feel upset by the fact it seems like it has a different vibe from your living area (which it probably, rightly does), you’re in luck. People are taking to decorating their living space and their kitchen with the same approach. Similar textiles, similar colour schemes and similar furniture. Who needs a glass cabinet when you could use a TV stand instead?

Bold and beautiful

Yellow is the colour of the year, particularly for ‘Generation Z’. So, if you want to be down with the cool kids, grab a pot of yellow paint and get cracking. If not, there are plenty of other bright, bold hues out there. Splashes of colour can really liven up a kitchen - it’s particularly helpful in the mornings to get you feeling energised!

Pastels are in

Bright colours not your thing? Opt for pastels instead. Pastel pink is still proving popular and it can look great teamed with more classic kitchen colours like grey, white and black. The good thing about pastel additions is they’re not offensive: a pastel blue teapot can’t divide opinion. It’s a fact.

Concrete cupboards

Fed up of feeling like you’re making dinner in a kitchen rather than on a building site? This trend will be perfect for you. While not a million miles from marble, the concrete aesthetic probably could divide opinion. Yet if you and your fellow home occupiers were early adopters of the ‘metal meets wood’ look, this could prove a hit.

Flat-fronted cabinets

This trend is for the people out there that really can’t stand being able to open a cupboard door easily. Handles don’t make things harder by any means but apparently they’re considered a bit of eyesore nowadays. A much sleeker look is to have clean, flat-fronted cabinets. One up side of this is it could save little hands from opening the sweet cupboard.

Multi-functional ‘troughs’

Troughs are for pigs, right? Wrong. Troughs are the new thing for anyone with enough money and space to carve additional holes into their worktop. They are primarily for herb gardens but don’t forget canapes, ice, and champagne (of course). Not so special now, Sink.







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