7 secrets to saving water at home!

In recognition of World Water Day this month, we are focusing our attention on the importance of this natural source! 

 Did you know that we use on average 150 Litres of water a day to wash, clean and cook with? It’s so easy to take for granted this precious resource when it’s so easily at our fingertips.

 With such busy lifestyles, saving water is not often a priority, but on World Water Day (and all days) it should be! Join us by taking a minute to stop and think about all the water that we are actually wasting, when we could be saving! 


Why should we make a conscious effort to save water at home? 


  • By making small conscious efforts to save water, we can aid in protecting the wildlife that lives in rivers and wetlands. Clean and healthy fresh water is essential to conserve these habitats.

  • If we conserve our water, we can start reducing the effects of water shortages. By saving water now we are helping to protect a water supply suitable for future generations.

  • You will also be saving money in your household water bills! 


 So, let’s get started! Here are some quick tips to help you start saving water at home.


1. Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth


You can actually save around 6 litres of water a minute by just turning your tap off whilst brushing your teeth!


2. Take shorter showers  


Showers can use anything between 6 to 45 litres of water per minute. Try setting a timer on your phone to keep your showers short and sweet! Or, consider getting an aerated shower head, which combines water and air, limiting the amount of water used.


3. Fill a jug with tap water and place in your fridge


This will mean you don’t have to leave the tap running whilst you wait for the water to turn cold.


4. Re-use your pasta cooking liquid


Try draining your pasta water into a large pot. Once it reaches room temperature you can use it to water your plants. Make sure you let the water cool otherwise it may harm the plant. 


5. Steam your veggies rather than boiling them


Steaming your veggies means that you will reduce your water waste while helping to preserve all the good nutrients in your food!


6. Only boil what you need


An easy one to start doing is to prevent putting too much water in the kettle. Only use what you need as this will help stop a lot of water waste. 


7. When washing your dishes do not leave the water running


When washing the dishes, make sure you never keep the water running as this can cause a lot of water waste. Always remember to turn the tap off while you're giving your pans a scrub. 


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