To be the best at something you have to learn from the best! With this in mind, we have assembled a take-away list of the Top 8 Home Cleaning bloggers from the UK and Australia.

So why not grab a cuppa, sit back and read about some of their nifty time-saving tips, we hope you enjoy! And don’t forget, please do let us know which tips and tricks you’ll be using in your home.

Mrs Organised

One of our favourites from down under, Mrs Organised, has you covered with tips for all the frequently asked home cleaning questions. Her ‘Get Organised’ page is a true life-saver when it comes to spring cleaning, with help on how to de-clutter and re-organise your belongings. As an added bonus, her blog also features recipes, money-saving tips and travel inspiration. Go check it out! 


Clean Mama 

Clean Mama is a real gem of a UK blog! If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed, or just need advice with keeping to a schedule of cleaning the house then this blog can help. She is a lover of routines - but not in a boring way! With specially designed tasks only taking 10 to 30 minutes a day, her carefully planned calendars will save you time aplenty. Go on…take a peek. 


The Stay At Home Mum 

Another one of our Aussie favs, this blog is concisely short and easy to follow. With short guides on everything from ‘How to clean toys’ to ‘How to clean your pets’, it’s a safe bet when you’re in need of quick advice. There’s also a variety of helpful lists to make use of super-cleaning ingredients like oranges or lavender oil. Fab! 


The Organised Housewife 

Katrina is a perfect UK blogger to start following if you too want to become a domestic god(ess). She shares her ‘cleaning recipes’ daily so you can benefit from tried and tested methods. She breaks down her organisation tips per room which makes it an absolutely breeze to find the cleaning help you need ASAP. 


Daises & Pie 

Break down your cleaning into bursts of 15 minutes per room with one of our favourite UK lifestyle bloggers. Each 15 minute session is made of five simple tasks which (if completed) always show visible results. 


Queen of Clean 

If your considering buying new home cleaning gadgets then Queen of Clean is the perfect friend to help you out. Having featured on Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners UK the author of Queen of Clean, Lynsey, knows her stuff with handy tips on everything from cleaning the inside of your car to how to clean garage doors. Go discover more! 


Moral Fibres 

One of our favourite green lifestyle blogs, Moral Fibres UK provides many thrifty and easy hints that won’t compromise on seeing real cleaning results. Make sure to check out her guide on making your own fabric conditioner that’s a pretty neat idea! 



Dish Hub 

Apologies for the scandalous self promotion but our regular blog posts share the latest #CleaningHacks as sent to us by you, our lovely followers! So we just had to include it in our round up! 

Our Dish Friends can be used for a lot more than just cleaning plates, all fab ideas suggested by you on social media. To explore other genius uses check out our Bank Holiday Inspiration blog. Our Dish Hub blog is also the first place to learn about our exciting new competitions and latest news. And we’ll soon be announcing an exciting collaboration with two charities in the UK and Australia in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, watch this space! 

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve been inspired by any of our top home cleaning blogs. 

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