8 Quirky Ways To Use A Dishmatic 

Thanks to our imaginative fans, we've rounded up all the quirky ways we've heard that you use your Dishmatic! If you're looking for some alternative cleaning inspiration, then look no further, and give these a try! If you have any ideas of your own make sure to tell us! We love how super-creative you all are! Let's get started...


We know a lot of you enjoy using the Dishmatic to clean around your baths and sinks, giving your tiles and grout a good old scrub! It saves time and leaves your Bathroom glistening. Here’s what @Cleanabelle says about her Dishmatic in the Bathroom: ”I found a pink @dishmatic in Wilkos! 🌷It has been filled with my favourite Sweet Tulip toilet gel from Bloo, and I'll be using it to clean my bathroom! 🛁🌸✨“ - @Cleanabelle


Have your shoes got a bit mucky? Do you have muddy soles? Then why not try using a Dishmatic with some warm soapy water to get them looking good as new again in no time! 


We recently noticed one of our Dishfriends, @Jottiesjournal, sharing her tips for cleaning her fridge! Using a Dishmatic to wipe away dirt and grime can leave it clean and fresh for your food.

Here’s what she had to say on Instagram:

“Fridge Cleaning! It’s nearly food delivery time, so I thought I would clean the fridge whilst it’s at its emptiest. I use my Dishmatic with washing up liquid to clean all shelves, I then wipe with a dry cloth. The vinegar spray is for any mould that can collect in the drainage hole. I try to not use any harsh chemicals in the fridge as I wouldn’t want it to taint the food in any way. I try to do this once a month with a quick wipe weekly.” - @Jottiesjournal 


Similarly to the fridge, don't forget that you can use your Dishmatic for spring cleaning those hard-to-reach places in kitchen cupboards! Simply take everything out, give shelves a wipe down with your Dishmatic, then dry with a cloth and pop everything back. Easy!

Garden Furniture

Enjoying a lovely barbecue on a summer's evening may be wonderful until you’re left with splatters of sauce and all sorts of spillages your outdoor furniture! This is the perfect opportunity to grab a Dishmatic and wipe the mess away with ease, leaving your furniture spotless for when the next summer evening comes along! We would certainly recommend the Powermesh [link] at times like these!


Did you know… Dishmatic can be the perfect travelling companion? It’s true! Taking Dishmatic away with you when camping or going on holiday is ideal as you can fill it up and be ready to clean at any moment, saving you time and space in your luggage!

Sports Equipment

Last but not least, some of our fans have revealed that their favourite use for a Dishmatic is to clean sports equipment. Yes, you read correctly! For example, if you have muddy golf clubs, you can use a Dishmatic to clean dirt out of the groves, leaving them pitch perfect! 

Thanks again to our wonderful fans for sharing these unconventional tips! 

All suggestions above have been put forward by our customers so please remember that results may vary. Dishmatic is a lovable Dishfriend with a mission to help you wash up with ease! Find out where to buy here.

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