Bank Holiday Inspiration

A sunny Bank Holiday in prospect is the perfect opportunity to get friendly with your Dishmatic friends, in ways you didn’t think possible.   Check out our inspired tips below, and remember that all Dishmatic products are made from over 50% recycled materials, so they’re a great eco choice too.

Planning a family bike ride?

Why not use our scourer to clean any muddy spokes before you put your bikes away?  Or, if your wheels didn’t get a good dose of TLC before being stored over winter, our scourer is perfect for loosening that stubborn dried-on mud.

Don’t forget your alloys

Walking of wheels, why not try our Dishmatic on your alloys? With its flow control mechanism, you’ve got on tap bubbles to remove that road grime and ensure 100% shine.

BBQ Time

Planning a Bank Holiday get-together and need to get your charcoal BBQ cooking ready?  Give the grill a good soak for an hour in hot sudsy water and then with our stainless steel scourer any remaining residue just falls away.  Time to get those sausages on.

Getting arty

If you’re an art lover, how about a visit to this year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, which runs from 13 June – 20 August.  With over 1,000 exhibits, many from new and young talent, the show is bursting with inspiration.  Get in the groove this Bank Holiday with the kids and enjoy an arty afternoon. All you need is some paper, paint, and a couple of  Dishmatics and stainless steel scourer heads. Dip them in the paint and see what evolves.  Add a few neon colours for added summer zing.  Simple pleasures.

Muddy Boots

A top tip for all keen footballers, or other sports fans.  Muddy boots + Dishmatic + 2 minutes = match ready footwear. 

Animal House

Why not treat your hamster, gerbil or other furry friends to a Bank Holiday home spring clean? Using our Dishmatic, in five minutes it’s a job done. But, be sure to wash away any sudsy residue before adding new sawdust or straw. Once done, sit back and savour that feel good feeling, knowing you have a happy, house proud pet.

Into the Wilds

A more conventional use, but a great tip nonetheless. If you’re planning a camping trip this Bank Holiday weekend, be sure to pack your Dishmatic.  Topped full of washing up liquid you’ll be all systems go to clean those sticky camp fire pans in moments. Simple, space saving and effective.

Always on hand, the Dishmatic range has a tool for washing up and lots of other jobs too. With new colours, always being added to the range there’s even more choice to get you excited about the dishes!

We love hearing from you, so if you’ve found an inspired use for your Dishfriend, drop us a line. Get in touch at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.