Bathroom beauties for 2019

Considered by many as an oasis to escape to at the end of a busy day, we all have very different ideas when it comes to the look and feel of our bathroom. So what are the top bathroom trends for 2019? 

Inspired by our biggest fans who have been using our trusty Dishfriends to help keep their bathrooms spic and span, we thought we’d find out! Low and behold, here are 5 trends you can expect to find in bathrooms this year.

Colour Pops

While a full on pistachio green bathroom could be considered too much for us these days, interior designers are suggesting we embrace pops of candy colours! Whether it’s changing to patterned tiles – big florals or retro geometrics in vibrant tones, or simply treating yourself to some candy coloured bath linens, this trend works for the fearless and cautious alike.  

Shower ideas

Showers come in all shapes and sizes and it's interesting to find that some trends are staying, while others are evolving to make the shower your bathroom showstopper in 2019.

We’re saying hello to smart showers, decorative wet room trays and luxurious spa-inspired frameless shower doors and frames, while Grand Designs have confirmed that for a traditional bathroom scheme, the drench-style overhead fixed showered is still a popular choice! If you’re in the UK don’t forget to use your Bathmatic Duo Clean sponge to keep it looking sparkly clean!

Big Reflections

An easy way to create an impact in the bathroom is a statement mirror, the bigger the better! This year, interior designers are suggesting we ditch our wall to wall mirrors and go in search of something sure to reflect light, and lots of personality too!  From vintage mid-century through to modern round, don’t be afraid to go bold. Or how about an auction find waiting to be upcycled with a coat of paint, this is an easy and cost-effective way to create bathroom envy.

How green is your bathroom?

It’s time for a plant-over as interior stylists tell us greenery will take centre stage in 2019! Plants are well-known to help in relieving stress but they can also purify the air, so that’s a win-win for letting their natural powers soothe you whilst relaxing in the tub! Which should you pick though? If you need a little inspiration, Grazia says that Aloe Vera, Fern, Bamboo, Orchid and the Philodendron are all plants that thrive well in bathroom conditions.

Industrial Design & Mixing It Up

If you’re an industrial design lover this one’s for you! This is a trend that has been growing in popularity, uniting retro and contemporary styles that compliment! It’s a look that can be easily achieved providing it suits your tastes of course.

The quick wins? Interior designers are loving exposed hardware and piping and this makes a fab option for those of us who can’t bury wall-mounted pipework or box it in. Other tips include mixing up bathroom materials, e.g. incorporating concrete and cladding, using wooden storage and stand out lighting, even taps that don’t match! There are endless opportunities, all of which give your interior design skills a chance to shine.

So, for 2019 don’t follow the crowd, explore the textures and materials you like and create your own oasis.

Whatever your tastes, we’d love to hear what you think about our style trends for 2019 on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, so get in touch!