Blitz your way into 2019 with these new year's cleaning hacks

Blitz your way into 2019 with these new year's cleaning hacks

The new year does all sorts of funny things to us. Some of us join a gym, some take up a new hobby or talk about a dry January. And then some of us opt to give our homes a good blitz ahead of the annual spring clean!

Our Dishmatic family of products for the kitchen, together with our sister product Bathmatic for the bathroom, are always on hand to keep things clean and sparkly. That's why we thought we’d share some of our favourite hacks on how to get your home ship shape for 2019, and all without reaching for chemical products!

Hack #1 - Shining cookware 

When it comes to bringing a shine back to your cookware, there’s nothing like bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to work wonders. Just mix together half a cup of water with half a cup of the bicarb. Pop your baking sheets or tins in the sink (plug in) and cover with the mixture.  Leave them for 30 minutes or up to an hour. Then use a Dishmatic that’s seen better days to give everything a good scrub to reveal newly super clean cookware.

And, did you know what a star tin foil is when it comes to removing burnt on food from dirty pots and roasting trays?  Simply soak your pots and trays in hot soapy water for about an hour, scrunch up some foil into a ball, get your rubber gloves on and scrub with the foil. What could be easier!

Hack #2 - Sparkling mirrors

If your bathroom mirror needs a bit of TLC how about cleaning it with a cuppa?  Brew a cup of strong black tea and let it cool for an hour.  Then, simply pour it on to a damp cloth, or transfer to a spray bottle if you have one handy, and the tannic acid in the tea will do its magic. Don’t forget while you’re in the bathroom, you should try out our Bathmatic - it’ll work wonders for your tub! 

Hack #3 - Fresh smelling carpets

Whilst it’s currently too cold to have the windows wide open to get that that fab fresh air smell through your home – essential oils and bicarbonate of soda could be the next best thing!

Simply select your favourite essential oil and then add about 10-20 drops with 400gms of bicarbonate of soda.  Mix it up well to ensure the oil is totally absorbed and store in a glass container.  When your carpets need a bit of a pick-me-up, simply shake and wait five minutes before giving the room a good vacuum.

Hack #4 - Cleansed microwave

Is it time to show your microwave some love?  A great and simple way to remove old food stains from inside is to fill a microwave-safe bowl with 475ml of water, two tablespoons of white vinegar and a few drops of your favourite essential oil (maybe something culinary such as peppermint or citrus?) Simply zap the fragrant mix for five minutes and hey presto your microwave is steam-cleaned, revived and ready for action.

We hope you find our hacks helpful, but with this cleaning frenzy don’t forget to take some timeout for yourself too! 

Always on hand, the Dishmatic range has a tool for every type of washing up. With exclusive new colours always being added to the range there’s even more choice to get you excited about the dishes!

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