Here at Dishmatic getting excited about doing the washing up is what we’re all about.  To get you in #CleaningHack mood we’ve been busy collecting our own top #CleaningHacks. Enjoy!

#CleaningHack 1
It’s soapy residue that causes the cloudiness or white marks on glassware. Wash up as usual, then do a quick double rinse.  First rinse your glasses in vinegar and then a final rinse in very hot water and voila – sparkly clean glasses every time.

#CleaningHack 2
Sprinkle baked-on stains on cookware with baking soda half an hour before starting the dishes. This gives the baking powder time to do its magic and reduces the amount of elbow grease required when it comes to washing up.

#CleaningHack 3
Washing up in the right order makes light work of those dishes.  As your Dishfriend, we always recommend:

- Glassware and drinking cup
- Cutlery
- Plates
- Greasy items such as serving dishes
- Pots and pans

#CleaningHack 4
Never let things pile up! Starting with a clean and tidy sink inspires you to keep it that way. Throwing away your drying rack also encourages you to wipe up and put away. It’s time to banish that drip-dry lifestyle!

#CleaningHack 5
Juicy lemons are one of nature’s best cleaners. Pop them in your tea stained mugs and wait for them to just lift those stubborn marks. They’re also are fab in the bathroom, removing hard water stains showerheads and bath and basin taps.

#CleaningHack 6
Talking of microwaves, here’s another great lemon top tip. Place several lemon wedges in a bowl (again for two minutes on high). Once you hear that ping, stubborn grease stains will easily wipe away and leave your microwave smelling squeaky citrus clean.

#CleaningHack 7
Change your mindset! Banish thoughts that washing up is a chore and embrace the moment! Catch up with a friend – you wash/they wipe. Use it as time out and think through all the fun things you’re planning. Or, plug yourself in and listen to your favourite tunes. It could even be considered a blessing – you have food to eat, dishes to eat off and a lovely home to wash up in!

Always on hand, the Dishmatic range has a tool for every type of washing up. With new colours always being added to the range there’s even more choice to get you excited about the dishes!

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