Ditch those mid-week blues by making Wednesday pink

Who’d have thought the phrase ‘on Wednesdays we wear pink’ would have led to our trusty hump day being favoured for all things pink?  But then again, it’s well known about the power of using bright colours to boost moods, with hues of pink triggering the release of dopamine - the feel-good hormone.  What better colour then to see us through the mid-week blues?

Whether you’re lucky enough to own one of our pink Dishmatic handles, our newly pink non-scratch refills, a Bathmatic or a pink Glide, we have plenty of products in the Dishmatic family that fit the bill.  No matter the cleaning job at hand, we have something that will make your #PinkWednesday really stand out.

The colour pink is also associated with love and kindness – and is, therefore, aptly used to help raise awareness for breast cancer, with various pink days raising vital funds for breast cancer charities.  This is something we are particularly passionate about here at Dishmatic.  Over the last three years we’ve been supporting three breast cancer charities, Against Breast Cancer in the UK Breast Cancer Ireland and Young Pink Sisters in Australia.  During that time, we’ve reached more than 15 million people.  We’re gearing up our activity ahead of this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness month in October and will share more of that with you soon.

In the meantime, we’d love to see what ways you incorporate pink into your cleaning tasks as shown beautifully below by @missj.mummydiaries on Instagram – head over to our social channels to share your snaps or ideas.

Photo courtesy of @missj.mummydiaries on Instagram