Get your BBQ 'dressed to impress' for the outdoor eating season ahead! 

BBQs are a funny thing. We can’t get enough of them when the sun is shining, but then when the weather turns they’re relegated to  a corner of the garden without a second thought. Until now that is!

With a sunny Easter and May Bank Holiday just around the corner, it’s time to fall back in love with your charcoal BBQ and get it spruced up for the season ahead.

Grill first. Treat it to an hour’s soak in hot sudsy water. Then let our stainless steel scourer do any remaining heavy work for you. The combination of our Dishmatic dispensing handle and our super tough stainless steel scourer will have your BBQ grill gleaming in moments. 

Then clean and thoroughly dry both inside (Steel Scourer Refills) and out of the BBQ (Non Scratch Refills) and the lid. Lots of fresh hot soapy water is required here, along with one of our Dishmatic Dishfriends – perfect for the job and guaranteed not to scratch the paintwork.

A good blast over seriously hot coals before that first sausage sizzle will banish any not-so-tasty soapy residue.

We love these simple ideas to give your BBQ that extra wow:

  • Cook your fish wrapped in tin foil, but placed on several lemon slices. This prevents the fish from sticking and tastes delicious.

  • Throw some aromatic herbs on your burning hot coals for extra flavour. Rosemary is great with meat, chicken and vegetables; and sage works well with game and sausages.

  • Hold back some marinade and brush your meat or fish every 10 minutes when it’s cooking, to add depth of flavour and keep the meat moist.

Now we just need the sun to shine. Why not share your best BBQ moments with us on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram– and there may even be Dishmatic goody bags for the most appetising shots we receive!  

Now roll back your sleeves - what are you waiting for!