Glide: Cleaning bloggers share their favourite features

If you’re unfamiliar with our latest product, Glide, don’t fear! We’ve enlisted Jo, of the fantastic cleaning blog Jottie’s Journal, and Wendy, from the lovely lifestyle blog Daises & Pie, to review our brand new dish brush. To find out more, read on!

Jottie's Journal

In case you don’t know about Jottie’s Journal, we thought we’d give you a backdrop. Firstly, Jo runs her own cleaning business in South West Wales, meaning she’s an expert in keeping things spick and span! She’s an engaged member of the online cleaning community and shares her first-class homemaking tips with an Instagram fan base of more than 29,000 people. As you can imagine, she’s the perfect person to test our products so we wanted to find out her expert opinion!

Jo's thoughts on Glide

In her review, Jo reveals she found Glide helps to ensure “easy and efficient washing up”. She complimented the look, saying: it “looks so good with its sleek design”. Jo found Glide “easy and comfortable to hold” and pointed out the plastic bristles work well for tough jobs. She even tried using Glide to clean her bathroom, recommending buying one for tiles and grouting as well as washing up!

Favourite features

- “The material of Glide means it’s gentle on surfaces whilst still being an effective scrubber.”

- “Compared to a usual brush it stays very clean.”

Daisies & Pie

Wendy, of Daises & Pie, is on a mission to help families save time and lower stress when it comes to household tasks. She has tips and tricks for easy (and tasty) recipes, and more importantly for us, shares her cleaning hacks. Covering everything from 5 minute cleaning routines to in-depth product reviews, we wanted to know what she made of Glide.

Wendy’s thoughts on Glide

Firstly, Wendy loves the bright colours Glide comes in (pink, blue and white) and enjoys its “sleek and slender look”. She points out that not only is Glide slimline, it has “an easy grip handle”. Glide’s staggered bristles were a hit with Wendy, too: she found “it’s easier to get into all the corners and scrub at stubborn dirt without causing any damage”. Wendy liked the fact you can pop Glide in the dishwater for improved hygiene and cleanliness too!

Favourite features

- Glide is “easy to clean”.

- “The look: it looks more modern and cleaner than traditional dish brushes.”

Please note Glide is not currently available in Australia but, as ever, keep an eye out for updates on our social media pages! Find us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!