Name the Dishmatic - We have a winner!

This month we asked our fans to name our special edition Breast Cancer Awareness dish friend... and we have a winner! Congratulations Rebecca MacBain from the UK for suggesting the winning name LANA! 

We spent some time deciding on the best and we agreed upon this thoughtful idea from Rebecca as the perfect name for our dish friend for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 

What we loved most about LANA was the compelling meaning behind the name. Each syllable reveals one of four possible symptoms of breast cancer that should be looked out for.

L - Lump or thickening in breast or armpit

A - Any skin rashes or redness

N - Nipple changes (inversion, discharge or pain)

A - Any changes to the breast whatsoever

We had over 650 amazing suggestions from both the UK & AUS and hearing your meaningful and thoughtful ideas have been truly touching! We want to give a massive thanks to everyone that took part! 

This is the perfect way to round off this fabulous campaign and we hope we have brought awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month. We have donated £10,000 to Against Breast Cancer and $10,000 Young Pink Sisters Charity to help these exceptionally worthy causes. 

We always love hearing from you, so if you're a Dishmatic fan, drop us a line on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!