POWERMESH Launches in Woolworths

We have some exciting news Dishmatic fans! Our superhero sponge POWERMESH has launched in Woolworths! To celebrate this great news, we have some super-exciting things lined up! So, read more and keep your eyes peeled!


If you haven’t been introduced, POWERMESH is a sponge scourer that has been carefully crafted to remove even the most stubborn stains without scratching surfaces. Available as a set-of-two sponges, it is now available to buy in Woolworths!

How is POWERMESH different to a regular sponge?

Our popular POWERMESH is a sponge with balls! We’re serious!

Made of foam with a strong, non-scratch mesh layer, there’s more to POWERMESH than meets the eye. Embedded within the foam are power spheres that provide a point to apply the fullest force when scrubbing! When pressure is applied to POWERMESH, the balls break away stubborn food with ease!

Make your cleaning experience more efficient and free up time for the things you really love! Designed to be extra durable, the POWERMESH sponge scourers retain their cleaning power ensuring they’re a Dishfriend for a long time!

What do others say about the POWERMESH?

Don’t just take our word for it, read these reviews from our super-testers that gave their honest opinion on POWERMESH:

“For the last week I have been using your new POWERMESH sponge scourers and I have to say I am very impressed with the power to clean they have without scratching my pans, cutlery and glassware, and how well they are wearing as they still look like new - a great new product which I would highly recommend.”

- Roz Yates (Facebook)

“Been using your new POWERMESH sponge and have to say how impressed I am with it. The shape is ideal to get into the bottom of stemmed glasses. The mesh coating cuts through tough stains effortlessly and with the help of the little power balls inside no job seems to be too big. If I had a wish list it would be to merge the Dishmatic dispenser with the POWERMESH, to make an awesome tool!”

- Sandra Cornwell - (Facebook)

Why don’t you test it yourself? This popular sponge with balls is available to buy in Woolworths! Also we have a very, very exciting competition coming soon, so do keep your eyes out on our Facebook page! Trust us, it’s not one to miss!

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