Productivity tips to help you win back time

We all strive for that perfect work and home life balance but in the throes of our busy schedules, we can easily forget about that all essential ‘me’ time. That’s why this month, we’re sharing our top productivity tips that will help you to win back time, while making you feel great too!

Running a household can be time consuming in itself and let’s face it, while we’re at home we often prioritise family time and chore time above everything else. Are you ready for some life hacks that will let you squeeze in more ‘you’ time? Let’s get started…

Do a little bit, more often

If you’re someone who needs a bolt of motivation before cracking on with a cleaning session it could be time to try a new approach! Rather than putting off cleaning for a full day of blitzing, task yourself to do several small chores each day.

This method will encourage you to ‘clean as you go’ - helping you to chip away at the chores in short regular bursts. It’s a small change to your daily routine that will keep you on top of the load, while freeing you up to do something rewarding afterwards!

Cut back on screen time

For the social media lovers (us included), it’s so easy to browse your socials… to find 30 minutes later you’re still online! A lot can be achieved in half an hour, so next time you have the urge to peruse your news feed, opt to do something else instead.

Our tips include picking up that book you never had time to finish, going for a run, putting your favourite tunes on and decluttering that draw, taking your dog for a walk… it’s amazing how much you’ll get done!

Get the kids involved with cleaning

If you feel you’re always picking up after the kids while keeping on top of everything else, it is time to make the impossible possible! Getting little helpers involved with the cleaning can really help juggle the load - it’s an ideal way to free you up.

Not only does it inspire them to help out more often, but it means you’ll spend less time doing all the work! It’s all about turning mundane tasks into thrilling, courageous quests! Check out these 7 chores that kids actually find fun for inspiration!

Enjoy chores

We know not everyone loves housework, but if you find yourself facing chores with reluctance, try making them more fun! Our tip is to turn your next chore into an opportunity to do something enjoyable at the same time. Multi-tasking is fab after all, so why not iron, cook or wash up while watching your favourite TV show. Alternatively, grab your headphones and listen to music or a podcast while vacuuming or blitzing a room or two!

On a final note, did you know it is possible to turn boring tasks into enjoyable, therapeutic ones? Washing dishes for example can significantly lower your stress levels. A study has found this is certainly the case if you do it mindfully. So next time you need to wash up, consider it a form of therapeutic meditation and take advantage! Pop the radio on, pick up your Dishfriend and get scrubbing!

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