Q&A with Rebecca Timmins, A.K.A. The Imperfect Mummy

Here at Dishmatic, we recently got in touch with Rebecca Timmins, of the fabulous Imperfect Mummy blog, to find out a few of her best cleaning hacks.

Rebecca reveals her top washing up tips and tricks, what she does to put the spring into spring cleaning, and how our DishFriends make the job a little easier.

When did you first start using a Dishmatic and which one do you use?

I first started using Dishmatic when I moved out of home. I remember it was green and had a holder so you could hang it above the sink.

What's your favourite thing about using one of our Dishfriends?

I love that if you have just one dirty cup or dish you can easily give it a quick clean without having to fill up the sink!

When it comes to the annual spring clean, do you have any tips you can share for those about to start?

I love spring-clean time as I find having a big clear out and sort really therapeutic. I will often start by breaking each room down and writing lists of what needs to be sorted and cleaned in each room - it makes it seem more manageable that way and it's nice to see each job getting ticked off the list!

How do you keep on top of your cleaning in a busy life schedule?

I really try and do a bit of cleaning each day, that way it is never going to build up and get out of hand. I always make sure my boys’ rooms are tidied before they go to bed and make sure they help clean up any messes they have made themselves.

As summer is around the corner, what tips can you share to host the ultimate barbecue?

Get a group of friends together and arrange for everyone to bring a plate each. That way there is less preparation on you as the host and less cleaning up after! You can also divide any leftovers for each person to take home.

Lastly, do you have any #CleaningHacks you can share with us?

Before I start the washing up, I always look for anything that might need a bit of elbow grease to clean and get that soaking while I clean everything else. Another rule I try and keep to is cleaning as I go. It's so much easier to keep on top of the housework if you clean dirty and dusty areas straight away rather than letting it all build up and then spending all weekend on it!

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