Q&A with the fabulous blogger Latoyah at Sugar Pink Food

Christmas is just around the corner and two things are certain - lots of cooking and plenty of cleaning for good measure!

That’s why we caught up with foodie blogger Latoyah at Sugar Pink Food to find out a few of her best cleaning hacks. After all, a passion for cooking up great food no doubt comes with a need to keep a kitchen sparkling!

Latoyah reveals her top cleaning tips and advice on how to keep on top of the chores, particularly as the mayhem of Christmas unfolds! Let’s get started…

When did you first start using a Dishmatic and which one do you use?

I have been using a Dishmatic for years! I use the classic handle.

What’s your favourite thing about using one of our Dishfriends?

It makes life so much easier! Having the washing up liquid within it seems to give a much better clean than just using a normal sponge.

The Christmas period has arrived… do you have any advice on keeping on top of preparations, especially the chores, while the festivities commence?

I always say that planning is the key to a perfect performance. Prep ahead as much as you can, to reduce cooking and cleaning on the day. I prep almost everything before hand, such as peeling the potatoes and all the veg. It means more time to be with your guests and enjoying the day.

Christmas aside, how do you keep on top of cleaning with a busy life schedule?

I try to take a 'little and often' approach. I always clean up as I go, but one great tip I found is that if you're watching TV and the ad break comes on, get up and spend the ad break picking items up, taking dishes out into the kitchen etc, and you will be surprised at how much you can get done in a short burst of cleaning time!

Describe your home in 5 words or less!

Our cosy little city palace.

Do you have any #CleaningHacks you can share with us?

Mixing together vegetable oil and baking soda creates an amazing cleaning solution which is perfect for cleaning your kitchen cupboards, especially the corners that can get 'gunky'.

Finally, do you consider yourself a member of the #HinchArmy?

Yes! I love Mrs Hinch and I am always trawling the hashtag for tips!

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