Young Pink Sisters: Stories from within (2017)

No two experiences are the same, but at Young Pink Sisters, to give an insight into what having breast cancer is like in Australia, the charity shares the letters they receive from recipients of their care. The financial burden of having breast cancer is painfully documented and it’s clear how help in the form of donations to Young Pink Sisters is wholly appreciated.

Leonie’s letter

The meaning of Grateful:

G ratitude in knowing that someone knows how difficult it is - and cares

R eason to keep on going

A nswer to our prayers

T hank you

E xcitement that the financial pressure is lessened

F aith – that there may be “something good around the corner”

U s – supporting each other

L ove – I feel it!!

Since my diagnosis of EBC in 2006 and then MBC in 2010 my husband and I have not received any financial assistance for this hideous disease. Yes, because we live in regional Queensland we do receive PTSS (patient travel subsidy scheme) to support me go to Brisbane for treatment.

It has been a tough journey. Our plan for retirement has not been shattered however - changed dramatically. Going from two incomes to now one casual wage (whenever the work comes my way) makes for an interesting way of living. My husband has not worked for 3 plus years due to numerous health issues including anxiety. I tend to live in denial of this disease – just to keep going. It gives my husband a false sense though and when “things” change and I need more treatment and interventions he panics about how we are going to pay for the extras.

When Tracey advised that I may be able to access funds through Young Pink Sisters, I felt so blessed. Thank you so much for the money as it means a great deal to my emotional wellbeing.

I appreciate all of your fundraising efforts and when that “something good around the corner” appears to me I will “pay it forward”.

Maria’s letter

Thank you Pink Sisters.

At the age of 31 with 2 young children my world fell apart when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2016, I stopped working immediately to have surgery and treatment. I don't think anyone realises the financial strain cancer puts on a young family. Following my treatment I was sent for a MRI which I was not able to get any rebate from Medicare and was out of pocket $725 and a week later I had a aclasta infusion which I am not covered under the PBS because of my age.

I am so grateful for Young Pink Sisters to help me with $600 to go towards my MRI which helped to relieve some of the financial stress on our life.

It's nice to know that I am not alone in this journey.

Thank you.

Christie’s letter

To the Young Pink Sisters charity.

A huge thank you to you on helping my family when we needed it. As a young mum, my world was turned upside down when I learned that my cancer had returned. I went from full time employment to nothing in a very short space of time. To top it all off, my local country hospital charges for MRI, which I had to have 2 of in a very short space of time. The cost of these made it stressful, as I was worried about paying the bills, feeding the kids and just managing everything.

The Young Pink Sisters came to my rescue! The charity paid for some of my medical costs, taking a huge stress and strain off my family. I also didn’t have to worry so much. The whole process was amazing. I cant thank you all enough for helping us just when we needed it.

I felt loved and cared for. Thank you Young Pink Sisters for all that you do to help young women just like myself.

Cheers from Christie and family. xx

Andy’s letter

To the wonderful people at Young Pink Sisters,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful gift, of a wheelchair, which my beautiful wife needed so badly.

Without the help of your amazing organisation, we would never have been able to afford to purchase such a piece of equipment. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made to her - and my family’s – quality of life.

May I urge everyone out there who happens to read this to seriously consider making a donation to Young Pink Sisters. They offer very real help to women with cancer where it is badly needed.

Thank you again.



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