Young Pink Sisters: Story from Kate (2019)

In August 2016 i have been diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer. I knew it might happen to me at some stage as I have inherited it from my family. But I was not ready that it will be so soon. 

My husband and I have 3 children - son 20 y.o., and 2 daughters 13 and 7. I have done several scans and have started chemotherapy in October. Every month I was meeting with my naturapath and purchasing special vitamins to support my health during treatment. And the monthly amount would be between $300 -$500. 

In the same time, our son had 2 surgeries and lost his job. He couldn't return to work because of recovering till next April. We had to support him with treatment expenses and everyday bills. I was still working but only part-time.  
Since January 2017  I have started new weekly treatment which gives me so many hard days. So  I had to reduce my work hours even more. We could not meet our budget. 

I have contacted Young pink sisters and received $600 very soon. That was so in time! 

Thank you for the support!  

Visit their website to find out more about the amazing work that they do at Young Pink Sisters