Dishmatic Wonder Wand: Your Cleaning Partner in Grime

Dishmatic Wonder Wand: Your Cleaning Partner in Grime

Welcome to our ultimate guide for working wonders with your Dishmatic Wonder Wand. The Dishmatic Wonder Wand is your partner in grime when tackling everything from the washing up to the shower screen clean.


Window Wonders

You can use your Dishmatic Wonder Wand either with your favourite washing up liquid or mix equal parts vinegar and water for a streak-free window clean. Firstly, dampen the window and then use your Dishmatic Wonder Wand to scrub the window, you can then use your Dishmatic Microfibre Tear N’ Wipe Cloth to ensure a streak-free shine.

Tile Triumph 

Dishmatic Wonder Wand is ideal for scrubbing grout, and with its XL spear head it’s perfect for getting into those tricky corners in the shower. Dampen your Wonder Wand using cold water to ensure it stays firm, and use warm water to dampen the grout first.

Air Fryer Favourite

When you are cleaning your air fryer, make sure it has cooled down first, reducing the risk of burning yourself and damaging the air fryer. Using a Dishmatic Wonder Wand with its non scratch scourer will ensure you do not remove the non-stick coating.

For extra stubborn burnt on food, make up a paste using baking soda and water and place it onto the stubborn parts. Leave this to soak for around 20 minutes, then wipe over with your Dishmatic fillable handle.

Spotless Sink

The Dishmatic Wonder Wand will keep your sink shining, you can fill your wand with either bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice to remove stains and get rid of those lingering odors, or you can use your favourite washing up liquid.

Fresh Fridge

Start by removing all your food from the fridge, and checking expiry dates as you go.

Once it is empty use a Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe Microfibre cloth to pick up any crumbs before removing the shelves. You can then make a paste using equal parts baking soda and white vinegar and spread this across the shelves, leaving on for a few minutes if there are any stubborn areas.

Then grab your Dishmatic Wonder Wand filled with your favourite washing up liquid in and run under warm water to make sponge sort and begin rubbing the shelves in a circular motion unless all the dirt is removed. You can then use a microfibre cloth to dry and ensure it shines.

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