Dishmatic’s BBQ Cleaning Guide!

Summer is here, meaning it’s time to become a BBQ master. Whether you’re a grill pro or a BBQ newbie, Dishmatic has BBQ recipe recommendations that will help you sizzle on the BBQ.


Texas-Style ribs, BBQ sauce and slaw

The perfect BBQ recipe with these sweet, sticky and succulent ribs. These will make the perfect centrepiece for any BBQ. Served with a fresh, crunchy slaw.


Sticky lemonade chicken with rainbow slaw

Give your classic BBQ chicken some extra fizz with this bubbly lemonade marinade.

Sticky BBQ tamarind corn ribs 

Looking for a veggie option for your BBQ? Then these stick corn ribs are perfect and will please everyone.

Baby potato salad

A lovely classic side for any BBQ, with an extra little kick if wanted!

Pizza burger

Pizza and burger together, what is not to love? These can easily be made on the BBQ and will certainly be a crowd pleaser.

Head over to our BBQ cleaning tips, to ensure you cook and clean like a pro this summer.