Dishmatic's BBQ Cleaning Guide

Dishmatic’s BBQ Cleaning Guide!

Summer is here (if you ignore all the rain), and that means it’s BBQ season. There is nothing better than gathering with friends and family to enjoy a delicious BBQ, even if the sausages are slightly burnt and maybe even raw at the same time! However, after the BBQ party is over it’s time to face the inevitable task of cleaning the grill. Don’t worry here at Dishmatic we have got you covered with these top BBQ cleaning tips that will keep your BBQ in sizzling condition.



We know sometimes we can all be a bit eager to get the cleaning finished so we can sit down and relax, but before we start the cleaning process make sure the BBQ has completely cooled down first. Cleaning a hot BBQ is very dangerous.  

Use The Right Tools 

Make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job, and don’t worry, here at Dishmatic we have the perfect tool, Scrubbee. Scrubbee is made from high-grade stainless steel, creating a long-lasting and super-strong BBQ cleaning master. You can grab your Scrubbee from Asda, Morrisons, Poundland and B&M.

Check all the parts 

You may need to dig out your BBQ from the back of the shed or uncover it and check for any damage or rust before you begin cleaning it. Double-check that all the hinges are still super tight, and if not do this first before cleaning.

Rust Removal

If your BBQ has been left in the rain and has gathered a little bit of rust, spray a vinegar spray and scrub away using the Dishmatic Big Job Brush. With vinegar’s acidic properties and Big Job’s extra strong bristles, it helps dissolve the rust.  The Dishmatic Big Job Brush is available from Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.

Baking Soda 

If you have extra tough stains and areas that need a little bit of extra care, create a paste using baking soda and water. Put the paste on the stubborn area and leave to soak before scrubbing away with Scrubbee.  

Beer to the Rescue

We don’t mean to drink when the BBQ clean gets too much! If you have some leftover beers after the BBQ, pour half a bottle over the warm grill and scrub away with your Dishmatic Big Job Brush or Scrubbee, this should help the food easily come off.


Don’t forget to wipe down the exterior as well. Use a damp Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe Microfibre Cloth, fingerprints and food should just easily wipe off. 

BBQ Tools  

Home Essentials recommends using coffee to clean your BBQ utensils, believe it or not, it works. Try soaking your utensils in coffee (boiling water and coffee), to remove those super tough stains that won’t budge. The acid from the coffee helps loosen up the dirt.

Oil The Grill

Before cooking the next time brush some oil over the grill, this helps to prevent food from sticking. This also helps make amazing grill marks on your food!


These tips will help you not to burn out when cleaning the BBQ, instead, you will tackle the task with a sizzle. We would love to hear your BBQ cleaning tasks as well, please share with us on Instagram @Dishmatic.