Stays Clean

Dishmatic Glide has been specially designed to reduce the risk of food getting trapped in the bristles. To clean your brush, simply rinse under running water or put in your dishwasher.

Non scratch

The blades and bristles have been designed for use on all delicate and non-stick surfaces.


The combination of staggered bristles and blades ensures Dishmatic Glide makes the cleaning chore easier than ever before.
British Designed and Manufactured

Dishmatic Glide brushes are designed using beautifully staggered bristles and blades making washing up that little more glam. They have been designed to be used on all surfaces (including non stick!) and can be washed easily in the dishwasher, ready for next time.

Glide Bristles

Dishmatic® Glide brush is available to purchase from many leading retailers.

Where to Buy