Here’s some of our tips on planning that perfect picnic: 

  1. Keep it simple.  Yes, you need a bit of a plan but don’t add stress to what’s meant to be an easy-going meal by making preparations complicated.  Apparently, favourite picnic treats are now tapas-style foods (olives, hummus etc), while the good old staple sarnie is still a firm contender. One to perhaps leave behind is the leafy salad (no one likes limp lettuce) and opt for some crunchy carrots and celery instead.
  2. Don’t forget a blanket – or if you’re meeting friends make sure they bring their own so you can maintain social distance. 
  3. Pack your hand sanitiser or wipes. And, be mindful of current guidelines to ensure you are the correct distance apart and following appropriate food handling advice for those outside your household.
  4. Try to use recyclable or reusable containers, plates etc. And, don’t forget your washing up friend aka a Dishmatic to help you clean up at home after the fun is done. 
  5. Consider adding a form of entertainment. Extend your mealtime fun with a game of frisbee or some socially distant charades. 
  6. Finally, find a good spot. Seek some shade, perhaps a good view, or some peace and quiet – whatever suits you! 

What are your favourite picnic items or ideas? We’d love to hear your thoughts – head over to our social channels to share your tips! 

This was posted on 7/8/20 please note that government guidelines regarding lockdown may have changed since. Please always review and comply with your individual country and area guidelines.