Top Places you Forget to Clean

Whilst most of our houses are pretty clean, there are some spots we sometimes miss or don’t even think about. To help you achieve the ultimate spring clean we have put together a list of places a lot of people forget about (we can confirm we are definitely guilty of this!).



Probably one of the dirtiest places in the home, as the first port of call for anyone coming into the house, meaning a lot of dirty shoes with hidden bacteria have graced your doormat. We tend to vacuum, sweep and mop our hallways normally going around our doormat.

Our Dishmatic cleaning tip is to take the doormat outside and give it a shake to remove the mud and debris, then you can give it a good vacuum, ready for your next visitors to dirty it again!  

Light Switches

Once you think about how many times these are touched a day, you can understand why these need to be part of your weekly cleaning routine.

Simply spray your Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe Microfibre Cloth with your favourite antibacterial spray and give them a gentle wipe.

House Plants

We all love house plants, but just because they are living doesn’t mean they don’t collect dust. Not only is it good for your house, but also helps the plant!

Simply get a damp Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe and gently wipe over the leaves. A little flannel wash for your plants.

Remote Controls

Another one which is touched nearly every day, but we can’t think of the last time we gave these a proper clean (yes, we are guilty of this!).

Before cleaning remove the batteries from the remote and spray antibacterial spray onto your Dishmatic Multipurpose Microfibre Cloth and give it a good wipe, getting between the buttons.

Skirting Boards 

Somewhere we easily forget to clean probably because they are not at eye level. These are actually super easy to clean, even though it does involve getting on your hands and knees.

Grab your Dishmatic Microfibre Power Pad and dampen it slightly, we like to use the pink fluffy side, and then run it along your skirting boards. Once you’ve finished with your Microfibre Power Pad, simply throw it in the washing machine to be used again and again.

Washing up Holder (Drying Rack)

Like us, you probably think why does it need cleaning, if we only put items which have just been cleaned on it? But these still become dirty and gunky.

The easiest way to do this is to fill your sink with hot soapy water and grab your Dishmatic Wonder wand to give it a good clean. The non scratch spearhead means you can get into all those knocks and crannies without damaging the drying rack.

Whilst this is drying you can use Dishmatic Flower Power Non Scratch Scourer to clean your draining board, run under warm water first so it goes soft, and then wipe it down with antibacterial spray.

Pet Beds 

Our faithful four-legged companions’ bed is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. After a long walk when your pet bounces onto their bed, it flings bacteria into the air.

To help avoid this we recommend washing your dog’s bed regularly, a lot have covers that can easily be removed and placed in the washing machine. Before putting it in the washing machine give it a good shake outside to get rid of dog hair (always check the washing instructions before). Get ready for the sulking from your furry friend while it dries.

Tops of Doors

We’ve just run our fingers along the top of our doors and can confirm we are guilty! These are normally forgotten about because you don’t see them, but every time you open and close your doors the dust shakes off onto your floor.

They are super simple to clean, grab your Dishmatic Clean N’ Sparkle and gently wipe the top of your door frames.


Reusable Shopping Bags (Tote Bags)

We all do it, empty our shopping from the tote bag and then put the bag back into our handbag or car. We carry so much in them from fresh fruit and vegetables to new clothes, but we never think to clean them.

All you need to do is throw them into the washing machine (always check the washing instructions first), and viola they are ready to be used again and again.



Dust seems to cling to candles and there is nothing more disgusting than thinking of lightly your beautiful smelling candle and burning all your household dust.

Give these a gentle wipe with a Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe every couple of weeks to stop the dust from accumulating.



I am sure now you’ve started thinking about it there are a few places we’ve missed. We would love to hear your suggestions and cleaning tips, please share them with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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