For over 35 years we have been designing, manufacturing, and selling household cleaning tools which successfully delight our customers all over the World!

Dishmatic was the first fillable and refillable washing up tool which has grown to become a kitchen essential and ‘dish friend’ of choice for millions of households worldwide.

We are proud to support UK manufacturing, continuing to manufacture and assemble products at our UK factory in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. With a commitment to high quality manufacturing, innovation and responsible product development, having also recently developed our fillable handles to be 100% recyclable! The Dishmatic Handle is the first and original fillable and refillable handle with the refill model too. Save on plastic wastage by using any of our handles time and time again, just replacing the head!

Thanks to the continued feedback from our customers and through the hard work of our committed product development team, we are continually improving and expanding our range whilst combining innovative design with functional practicality to make products that really work.

We are always happy to hear from consumers or trade customers who want to learn more, please use our contact form if you have any questions and one of our friendly team will be in touch with you soon!

Dishmatic Brand Evolution

Dishmatic was launched in 1985 by EasyDo Products, which was founded in 1968 by the Neumann family. In 2019, EasyDo Products was proud to become part of
the Libman Family Of Companies.

For over 120 years the Libman family has made quality their utmost priority with their one mission; to make the finest, most durable wire-wound corn brooms. Since then, the company has continued to expand to the finest mops, brooms, brushes and cleaning tools along with a host of other brands that Dishmatic is proud to be alongside.

The Libman Company provides the Dishmatic, Bathmatic and Dishmatic Essentials ranges with exciting new long-term opportunities whilst guaranteeing the ongoing pledge to focus on quality, service and product innovation.