Spring Clean Tips Andrea_adode

We thought who better to ask for cleaning tips than some amazing cleaning influencers. We’ve been asking our favourite cleaning influencers for their top spring cleaning tips and will be showcasing a new one every week throughout Spring. First up the amazing @Andreas_abode with her successful and happy spring clean tips.


Don’t Tackle Everything 

Don’t think that you have to tackle the whole house or even a whole room at once. Space out your spring-cleaning list over a couple of weeks, so it doesn’t seem like such an overwhelming task. For example, in the kitchen/utility room, you might just deep clean the washing machine and then do the rest on another day.


Garage First

I tend to put all my rubbish and clutter in the garage once I have started my spring clean so my advice would be to have a good tidy of the garage first before you commence (if you have one). Keep an area clear for items you want to throw away, sell, or donate so you can get rid of them altogether.


Spring cleaning begins with spring decluttering – don’t skip this step because the less you own, the easier it is to clean. Get all the family involved in decluttering toys and books that are no longer needed or broken.


Make a list of all the jobs you want to do – and tick them off as you go to motivate you.

Window Wizard 

Wait for a cloudy day to clean your windows. Avoid a sunny day as the cleaner will dry onto the hot windows before you get to wipe it off, leaving hard-to-remove streaks.

Greasy Fingerprints

Remove greasy fingerprints, dust and stains from painted walls by wiping them with a damp microfibre cloth or a clean damp microfibre mop. Start from the top and work your way down.

Microwave Miracles 

Microwaves can get full of splattered food and crumbs, so a deep clean is probably needed. To deep clean fill a large microwave-safe bowl with one cup of water and a lemon, lime or orange cut into thin slices. You could also use tablespoons of white vinegar. Put the bowl in the microwave and put it on high for several minutes or until the solution boils and the microwave window is steamy. Let it cool for five minutes, open the door, remove the bowl and wipe the inside and outside of the microwave with a sponge.

Cutting Cleaning 

For your cutting boards in the kitchen run the cut side of a lemon over the board to help remove food stains and smells. For extra cleaning power, sprinkle it with salt or baking soda first.


Makeup Marvel

Having a good sort of your makeup, skincare and hair products is a quick way to declutter. Some products will have an expiry date (but not all), and many say how many months the product will last after opening. My top tip is to write on the bottle/box the date I have opened it so I can check whether it’s still ok to use.


Declutter & Collect 

Make extra money by selling unwanted clothes that don’t fit – so be sure to set a bag aside for these items and then you can treat yourself to the money you make.







We are super grateful to some of our Dishmatic fans for sharing their amazing spring clean tips! We would love to hear yours, send us your cleaning tips on Instagram to be featured.