Dishmatic Top Gardening TIps

Dishmatic cleaning tools aren’t just for inside the home, they are ideal little helpers for garden cleaning as well. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just beginning to dabble in the world of gardening, we’ve got tips to help you get your garden ready for any visitors this summer.


Cleaning Decking 

The Dishmatic Big Job Brush is the perfect tool to take on your decking, especially after it has gathered dirt and moss over the damp winter. Grab a bottle of mould and mildew remover, which you can find in your nearest garden centre, and spray liberally onto your decking (always read the instructions before using). Then grab your Big Job Brush, dampen it with some lukewarm water, and begin scrubbing. The dirt should simply lift off. To rinse simply throw a bucket over your decking or use your garden hose.

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BBQ Clean 

If you are anything like us you completely forgot to clean your BBQ after last summer, and now you are wondering what food that was that looks burnt to within an inch of its life.

To make your BBQ clean super easy, making sure you have the right tool is super important, and don’t worry the Dishmatic Scrubbee is up for the challenge. If your BBQ has been left in the rain and gathered a little rust spray a vinegar spray and scrub away any rust with the Dishmatic Scrubbee.

If you have areas which you are finding extra tough to clean, then you can create a paste using baking soda and water. Put the paste onto the stubborn area and leave to soak before scrubbing away.

Don’t forget to wipe down the exterior as well. Use a damp Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe Microfibre Cloth, fingerprints and food should easily wipe off. 

Wooden Outdoor Furniture 

When cleaning wooded furniture, it is best to start super gently. The best way to remove the dirt is using a non-scratch sponge scourer. We recommend using Dishmatic Wonder Scrubs and soaking them in some hot soapy water, then simply wipe down the furniture gently.

For more stubborn dirt Gardeningetc (How to clean wooden outdoor furniture: revitalise your garden’s seating area with these tips | Gardeningetc) recommend sanding it away with 120-grade sandpaper.

Garden Parasol

It is likely your garden parasol has become covered in dirt and cobwebs while it’s been outside or hidden away in the shed. We’ve got some super quick and simple cleaning tips to make it look brand new again.

To begin with, lightly dampen the parasol by spraying it with a hose or running a sponge along it. This will help remove the dirt easier. Then you can begin spraying your cleaner onto the parasol, make sure this is one suitable for outdoor fabrics. Once the cleaner is applied, grab a Dishmatic Big Job Brush, and scrub the parasol in circular motions. The dirt and debris should easily come off.

Flower Pots 

We all love to reuse our favourite pots, but there are some precautions you need to take. In the soil left behind from the previous plant, there can be bacteria, viruses and fungi present. To ensure the next plant has a healthy life, you need to make sure the pots are thoroughly cleaned.

Firstly empty your pots, ensuring no soil is left behind. You can then use the Dishmatic Big Job Brush to remove anything clinging to the side of the pot. Then create a weak bleach and water solution, and submerge your pots and leave for around 30 minutes. You can then rinse them off using the garden hose and leave them to dry naturally in the sun.

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