Dishmatic Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipe Recommendations

Dishmatic Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipe Recommendations

We’ve put together a list of thirst quenchingly delicious Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes, as we love any excuse for a cocktail. Whether you’re celebrating with a significant other, a group of friends or flying solo, here at Dishmatic we’ve got a cocktail recommendation for you.


Kir Royale

A classically original berry-flavoured cocktail, that uses just two ingredients. Sometimes you just can’t beat the original.


Chocolate Martini

Dive taste buds first into this super creamy Chocolate Martini. 

Apple Moscow Mule

The classic Moscow Mule has been given a fresh and fruity glow up.

Pimm’s Winter Cup

After cooking a complicated meal, you don’t want to add extra pressure on yourself and this classic cocktail with a seasonal twist is perfect.

Bramble Gin & Tonic

If you love gin & tonic, this is the cocktail for you, and adds that extra flavour to the classic G&T.

Jalapeno Margarita 

The perfect way to add some extra spice to Valentine’s Day is with this fiery Margarita.

Tequila Sunrise 

A beautifully simple fruit cocktail.

Dishmatic Cleaning Tips:

Have you ever noticed those horrible cloudy marks on your elegant cocktail glasses. These annoying marks come from mineral deposits or water spots when water evaporates on the glass and leaves behind the mineral residue. But don’t worry, here at Dishmatic we know exactly how to remove those, and it’s super simple! Place your glasses in a mixture of vinegar and water to soak for a while, then rinse using your Dishmatic Fillable Handle and dry them thoroughly. When cleaning glasses make sure you are using either a Dishmatic non scratch or Wonder Wand refill, so you don’t scratch the glass.