Dishmatic Post Christmas Clean Up

Dishmatic Post Christmas Clean Up

After the busy festive period and having loads of people trundling through your house it feels good, and most of the time is necessary to have a post-Christmas clean. Sometimes it feels like a never-ending task, which you don’t know how to start. We have listed some great places to start which help you feel less overwhelmed. 


Taking down the Christmas decorations

Once you have removed all your Christmas decorations and before you replace with all your everyday ornaments, we recommended going over all the surfaces with our Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe Microfibre Cloths, which easily picks up that unwanted dust.

If you’ve had a real Christmas tree you know the pain of finding pine needles in all those nooks and crannies for months to come. Once you’ve either swept the pine needles up or hoovered, we recommend going over the corners of the rooms with a lint roller to pick up those last pricky ones.

Deep clean your oven

After cooking that massive turkey and the constant flow of party food it is great to do a deep oven clean. We like to mix bicarbonate of soda and water to make a paste, then spread over your oven. Once you’ve left it for a while (time depends on the level of dirt), we then mix vinegar and water together and place on top. We love to use a Dishmaitc Wonder Wand for this as it is non scratch and changes texture in water temperature.

Fridge Clean

Over Christmas your fridge is packed to the brim of food, and not shockingly probably one of those items has spilt. Remove everything from your fridge checking the expiration dates as you go along.

Then grab your favourite cleaning spray and your Dishmatic Wonder Wand and scrub away. Once all the dirt has lifted grab your Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe and wipe over to dry and collect all the loose dirt.

Setting a timer

When there is so much to do you can feel like it is going to take an entire day, we love to set a timer of 30 minutes and do as much as we can in that time and then have a break. It makes you feel like you haven’t been cleaning all day, and no one wants to feel like that!

We would love for you to share your post-Christmas cleaning tips and hacks so we can keep adding to this list.