Dishmatic’s Culinary Chronicles

Dishmatic’s Culinary Chronicles  

Hello, fellow food enthusiasts! Dishmatic’s Foodie Feb is in full swing, and we’ve put together a list of our absolute favourite cookbooks, from just thinking of what to cook every day or feeling out of your depth for a fancy dinner party we’ve got a cookbook to help with that! These will be page-turners for your taste buds.

Best Restaurant Cookbook

The Giggling Squid Cookbook: Bringing great Thai food to your kitchen table, including classics like Pad Thai and authentic curries. 

Best Food Brand Cookbook

HECK!: Launched its first recipe book late last year, which brings you 75 delicious recipes featuring their popular sausages, burgers and mince. Chapters for every occasion from breakfast to fakeaways.

Best Healthy Cookbook

Pinch of Nom: Shares 100 delicious home-style recipes with a healthy twist. The Pinch of Nom cookbook is perfect for novices and experienced home cooks.

Best Vegetarian Cookbook

Leon Happy One-Pot Vegetarian: Brings you over a 100 easy vegetarian recipes, that can all be made using one pot (less washing up for your Dishmatic!). 

Best Fakeaway Cookbook

Say goodbye to expensive takeaways and hello to fakeaways with this fun cookbook from Chris Bavin, including over 100 healthy home-cooked takeaway meals.

Best Celebrity Cookbook

In the hands of the trusted Mary Berry this recipe book helps make cooking stress-free, easy and most importantly delicious. 

Best Cake Cookbook

The perfect cookbook for learning to make simple cakes and delicious bakes. This book covers all the classics from chunky cookies to easy no-bake cheesecakes.  

As you embark on a culinary journey and reach expert level in cooking, the real challenge will be mastering the art of not making a mess. Your Dishmatic Fillable Handle is the secret ingredient that makes cleaning up after cooking feel effortless. 



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