Dishmatic Wonder Range


We are proud to welcome the Wonder Range to our Dishmatic family. Our Wonder Range uses Flexi-Fibre technology. What does that mean I hear you ask… Flexi-Fibre technology adapts with water temperature – in cold water it’s firm and in warm water it’s soft for the more delicate jobs. All now available in Morrisons. The Wonder Wand & Refills is non scratch.


Wonderful Cleaning Tips:

Bathroom Wonders



Use cold water to ensure the Wonder Wand stays firm
and fill with washing up liquid.
Simply rub away at those taps and showers, the non scratch scourer will remove the limescale, for tougher limescale use bathroom cleaner as well. Then rinse with warm water and for extra shine you can use the Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe Microfibre cloths.


Dishmatic Wonder Wand
Cleaning a mug

Mug-nificent Wonder


The Wonder Wand Refills are perfect for removing those annoyingly awkward stains in mugs, thanks to their spear shaped heads. They can be used in either hot or cold water depending on the stubbornness of the stains. Simply hold the cup with the Wonder Wand inside and rotate until all the stains are gone.

Wonder Board



The Wonder Wand’s jagged non-scratch scourer is perfect for removing food particles from chopping boards, no matter how long they have been left on there. Food can easily get lodged in knife marks and the Wonder Wand or Stars easily removes this.

Dishmatic Wonder Stars Combo
Dishmatic Wonder Wand

Bloomin Wonders:

The Wonder Range does magic in the garden, it is the perfect tool for cleaning up your patio furniture. The Wonder Wand can be used dry for dusting dry mud and cobwebs or with warm water for getting rid of the tougher dirt.

Step into Wonder

With kids playing outside during the warmer months, they are constantly bringing in muddy shoes. The Wonder Stars are perfect for cleaning up those dirty shoes. Simply use a bowl of warm soapy water and dip the Wonder Star in the water. Make sure you squeeze a lot of the water out, so it doesn’t soak the shoe and gently rub the dirt off. 


Ideal for cleaning those awakward microwaves (which we personally leave longer than we should). To stat, we like to put a bowl of lemon water in the microwave until it begins to steam. This leaves a lovely smell. Then take your Wonder Wand and run it under some warm water and gently clean those stubborn food splatters from your microwave. Once is has all been removed you can use your Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe to pick up any remaining bits of food. 

All of the  products in this blog are now available from Morrisons. We would love to hear your cleaning tips and tricks for the Wonder Range. Please send them to us on our social media channels and we will be sharing your tips. You can also purchase our full range from our online shop.

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