Dishmatic X HelloFresh

Dishmatic x Hello Fresh: Unveiling Culinary Delights for Foodie Feb

Gourmet enthusiasts, prepare yourselves for a mouthwatering journey this Foodie Feb, as we have collaborated with the culinary wizards at Hello Fresh, giving subscribers a free Dishmatic Fillable Handle in each box. We’re thrilled to kick off this perfect partnership that brings together the tasty recipes from Hello Fresh with the ease of Dishmatic’s fillable handle.


Throughout this flavoursome February we are going to showcase our favourite recipes, starting with some amazing Hello Fresh recipes. From quick and easy weeknight dinners to lavish weekend feasts, we’ve got a delightful lineup of our favourite Hello Fresh Recipes. Whether you are a seasoned home chef or just starting your culinary journey here at Dishmatic we’ve got you covered. Oh and of course it is going to be seasoned with some Dishmatic cleaning tips along the way. 


Presto Bacon and Mushroom Linguine

This is a customer favourite for Hello Fresh subscribers, and we understand why, super easy and even tastier.


Veggie Moussaka

This veggie Moussaka is delicious, but lighter than your traditional Moussaka, expertly designed by Hello Fresh chefs.

We recommend while you are eating to soak the casserole dish in the sink, you can then easily take your Dishmatic Wonder Wand with non scratch refills and the grime will just clean off super easily. 

Fillet Steak and Blue Cheese Sauce

This fillet steak and blue cheese sauce recipe is ideal for a date night, creating a fine dining experience at home. 

If you cook your steak in a cast iron skillet, we have some super simple cleaning steps:

  1. Let the cast iron skillet cool slightly first
  2. Using a spatula remove residual food
  3. Rinse with warm water
  4. Scrub gently using Dishmatic non scratch fillable handle
  5. Dry the cast iron skillet completely to prevent rust, you can finish with a lightly oil layer to help with this as well.

Pesto Baked Salmon and Oregano Butternut Squash

Healthy and full of flavour, what more is there to love. Serve with buttery samphire and Tenderstem broccoli.

Super Quick Bulgogi Pork Noodles

Ideal for a quick midweek dinner, only taking 15 minutes to cook and prepare.

When washing your frying pan or Wok make sure you use either a Dishmatic non scratch refill or Wonder Wand refill, as this won’t remove the non-stick from the pan. 

Speedy Lamb Bolognese

A twist on the Italian classic. Also packed full of hidden veggies so there is no complaining from the kids (or maybe even some adults).

This is perfect for keeping extra to easily reheat when in a hurry, but nobody likes red stained Tupperware containers. A cleaning hack for removing these red stains is mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with ¼ teaspoon of washing up liquid and one teaspoon of water. Dip your Dishmatic Wonder Scrub into the solution and rub over the Tupperware, letting it sit for 15 minutes.

We would love to hear your Dishmatic cleaning tips for us to share on our blogs, Facebook and Instagram.