Dishmatic Cheap Student Eats

Effortless and Budget Friendly Student Meals

The exciting and exhilarating journey of university has begun, and then you realise you need to cook and clean for yourself with no clue where to start. Well don’t worry, Dishmatic has got you covered with our effortless and budget friendly student meal recommendations. We’ve thrown in a few cleaning tips along the way of course. 


Ham & Pea Pasta 

I think anyone who has been to university will inform you that pasta will become an absolute staple, this ham & pea pasta is super simple and adds a bit of variation to the typical Spag Bowl.


5-Minute Chicken Noodle Soup

When the Fresher flu hits (and trust us, it will),
chicken soup is the perfect meal, and even better this one will only take you 5
minutes to make!


Make sure while Fresher flu is rocking about your uni accommodation to clean down surfaces before cooking. Dishmatic Tear N’ Wipe Microfibre Cloth removes up to 99% of bacteria with just water, so this is a useful little side kick to have around. 

One Pot Wonder – Sausage and Bean Casserole

You will be left with very little washing up after
cooking this one pot wonder. Not only does it reduce the dreaded washing up but
it also only costs 84p per serving.


We recommend while you are eating to soak the casserole dish
in the sink, you can then easily take your Dishmatic Dish Wand with non scratch
refills and the grime will just clean off super easily. 

Classic Cottage Pie

We all get a little home sick from time to time, and that is when you need your home comforts. What is more of a home comfort than a classic warming cottage pie. 


Garlic and Cheese Chicken Puffs

These are perfect for an easy dinner or even taking
into uni when you have those all-day study sessions. It can feel easy to go
grab a meal deal from the local shop, but the cost of these rack up, with these
Puffs costing less than a £1, they will not only save you money but also taste


When washing your backing tray make sure you use
either a Dishmatic non scratch refill or Wonder Wand refill, as this won’t
remove the non-stick from the baking tray. 

Fajita Bake

This is another one pot wonder, which only uses a few
simple ingredients, which is sure not to disappoint.