@my_geordie_home Top Spring Clean Tips

To finish our spring clean tips is @my_geordia_home, with their top tips on mastering the spring clean.


Dishmatic Fillable Handle

I like to fill a Dishmatic handle with a lovely scented disinfectant to clean small areas, for example when cleaning down the banister of the stairs a Dishmatic handle gets right in between each part & leaves it not only looking clean but smelling amazing too.

Baby Oil

Using baby oil… yes, that’s right baby oil on the fronts of fridges/freezers 👍🏼 keeps all those fingerprints off 👌🏼

Pet Smells

 Shaving foam works perfectly for getting rid of those nasty pet smells. Simply rub it on the affected area. 

Bed Making 

Once you’ve stripped your bed, leave it for a bit to air off. With this handy tip putting on the new fresh linen couldn’t be simpler, simply turn the duvet covers inside out, put your hands in the duvet and grab both bottom corners… grab your quilt and simply flick over the duvet cover.