Colour Coded Cleaning Blog

Should you try Colour-Coded Cleaning for a More Organised Home?

You might have seen colour-coded cleaning across social media and it probably sounds over the top or just for aesthetics, but this cleaning method is a safety practice in most commercial buildings and by cleaners. This started in the 1990s when the British Institute for Cleaning Science developed the universal colour code. But is this something you should start implementing at home?

It could help you organise your cleaning cupboard at home easier and make your cleaning routine more efficient. If you want to take your cleaning routine to an entirely new rainbow level, then here at Dishmatic we’ve got you covered.

Keep your eyes peeled for Dishmatic seasonal cap changes, so you can colour code your handle for each room. Spring handles coming soon…


Colour Coding Each Room

When you are starting to colour code your cleaning routine, we recommend picking a colour for each room, so it is easy to grab. For example, everything in your bathroom colour be blue.


Bedroom & Living Room: Pink/Red 

Bathroom: Blue 

Kitchen: Grey

Let us know if you have begun colour coding your cleaning routine on our social media channels @dishmatic.